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20+ years of coaching, mentoring and training leaders and entrepreneurs. As a certified international coach (PCC) with a strong commercial and entrepreneurial background, my mission is to help my clients be inspired by the work they do so we can live in a healthier work future. Born in Brazil, raised in the US, digital nomad mom, currently based in Valencia, Spain and Chiang Mai, Thailand (50/50).


  • Career Coaching
  • Business Mentoring
  • Sales and Performance Training
  • Leadership and Team Management
  • Remote Work
  • Networking Tools and Strategies


In-person and online, to corporate groups. Sales and Performance. Leadership and Team Management. Remote Work. Networking Tools and Strategies


One-to-one or group sessions focused on Leadership, Performance, Sales, Team Management, Decision making.


Mentoring & Coaching clients to have Clarity, Motivation and good Results with their transition.


“Mariana is an example of dedication and expertise, mixed with a strong and assertive personality…A go-getter with ethical values and fun to work with. Focused on results, she was responsible for the expressive Prudential´s growth in Belo Horizonte, my branch’s #1, and an amazing business partner. ” Ernani Assis, VP of IR & Business Development at Zap Group

As a certified international Business Coach (PCC) with a strong commercial and entrepreneurial background, my mission is to help my clients learn how to sell more, by building trust with their clients, strong networks and a healthier and more productive work future. Working with companies and executives, I have trained, coached and mentored hundreds of professionals from all over the world.

As a digital nomad mom, I have been living in various countries enjoying the freedom of being digital. I also run an online English School and a Podcast.

E-book: 5 steps to start your digital business

The future of work is digital and exciting. Get ready.
To start, we have prepared this 5 step course with some simple,
yet powerful exercises to get you started.


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