A Xmas friendly reminder. Review your year and share.

A Xmas friendly reminder. Review your year and share.

Ever since I discovered the power of daily writing, I have adopted the habit to take a moment at the end of each year, during xmas time, to write a review for my year. That’s right. Just like we review the goods we buy from Amazon. Or the apartments we rent from Airbnb.

I usually go to a Cafe, where no one can find me, ask for a glass of wine, open my evernote and let it flow. I make lists of “people”, “moments”, “trips”, “clients”, “work accomplishments”. But that’s me. It’s interesting to observe how each person creates totally different list titles. Some people would list the things and assets they bought, because that’s what makes them feel accomplished. Others prefer to list the experiences and friendships they collected or the people who made them feel special.

I try to contact the people who came to mind and let them know how much they contributed to my year. If they popped up in my head during my review, it’s because I learned something with them. I use my dropbox to help me remember all the moments I had. That’s where I keep all my pictures.

And the next morning, when I sit to do my 20 minute morning meditation, I make sure that when I exhale, I send each of those people all the goodies I’m “inhaling” for myself. Sharing what I want for myself with the rest of the world.

So if you’re reading this and you made it up to here, please feel the “breath” of goodies that I’m sending to you right now. Love, Courage, Friends, Family, Meditation, Writing, Workout, Focus, Clarity, Discipline, Health, Consistency, Travels and more Love, to open and close this circle with what really matters.

Merry xmas and happy New Year!

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