Bouncing back from a failure? How to get over it and move on?

bounce back from a business failure

Bouncing back from a failure? How to get over it and move on?

I got an email today with this question about ”Overcoming a Business Failure”. So let’s think about it.

The question was “What do you do to bounce back from a business failure? What is your most valuable advice for getting over it and moving on?

Before answering the question, it’s important to say that be it in business or in our personal lives we go through “failures” all the time. That’s what makes it fun, right? If we only collected good results all the time, it would get boring. It’s learning how to “dance” between what we call “failures” and “successes” that makes life interesting and challenging. And, as they say, there is no growing without suffering. So let’s embrace our failures because they’re what make us grow.

Also, it’s not about how many times we fall or how deep we fall. It’s about how fast we can get back up, how flexible and positive we can be to get up and start dancing again. Some people fall and stay on the floor for years, some of them never get back up. They are too afraid.

It’s like that person who gets flowers and throws them straight into the trash. Thinking… why am I going to have the trouble of putting these into a vase, water it day after day, give it proper sun, spend time and energy, if at the end it will die and I’ll have to throw it away anyways? But what about having that beauty to look at and smell around you, decorating your space, making you smile each time you see it and remember that person who took the time to get them for you? Isn’t that all worth it?

So failures are totally worth it. Now, back to the question. Some things I personally like to do to “bounce back” follow. I’d love to hear what you do.

Breathe! Yes, just close your eyes and breathe. It sounds basic and stupid, but we forget and never do it. No one taught us how to breathe properly in school. I only learned after I was 37, so there is still hope for you 🙂

take a trip, solo. There is nothing better for to recover and to re-energize, than traveling. And if you’re going through some hard or transition times, it’s best if you can go alone, to enjoy the silence.

– do a 6 day silence meditation retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand followed by some days walking and laying under the sun with kindle and Evernote, to read and to write.

stick to my routine. It’s having the discipline to do the same things each morning that gives me strength to go through all that life has to offer. It reminds me each morning that I’m still alive and that no matter where or how I am, this will keep me going till the next success or the next failure.

– sleep 8 hours per night whenever possible, wake up and drink “lemon with water” before a 20 minute meditation, then sit and write about those thoughts that visited you, to take them out of your head and release a bit of our constant anxiety.

– go to the gym and do some cardio to sweat like crazy and make the blood circulate

– contact clients, family and friends

– invite small groups of friends over your house for music and small chats

– create local events in your community to share what I learned, for free, and

– never give up on finding ways of loving and being loved

And we just keep doing this till our next “success” or “failure”, then repeat and have fun! ?

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